Luminary Chiefs is a magazine focusing on profiling the backstories behind and achievements of Chief Executive Officers. We focus on both CEO’s with a great track record, and up-and-coming ones who are in the process of building a great track record.

We understand that CEO’s wear many hats. They’re managers and leaders; they’re firefighters; they dig into the details, while remaining focused on the big picture. They have to know when to delegate and when to do it themselves. You need to understand what is happening in the market overall, and also what’s happening with you particular product as well.

It’s a challenge, and our focus is profiling how to best overcome all challenges — and the real-world stories from the trenches of how they’ve done so.


We make stuff happen.

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Morgan is the sort of guy that says, “Okay, so the right target market like this is Brazil, so I’m now going to go learn Portuguese and move to Sao Paulo for as long as it takes to make it happen.”

About Us

Mora F.

Mora is a PPC Analyst at Hellbent Digital at work, and a theater nerd when not at work. And it turns out understanding theater—that is, how to put on compelling live shows that engage the audience—is a very useful skill for understanding digital marketing.