Luminary Chiefs is a magazine for up-and-coming Thought Leaders. Luminary Chiefs profiles, interviews, and explores the backstories and achievements of Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and any Chief Officers (CXOs) as well as Directors and Vice-Presidents.

But what all of the profiled executives have in common is one thing: they are executives and business leaders with a great track record and up-and-coming ones who are in the process of building a great empire–while adhering to a great moral standard, worthy of the next generation of leaders.

We understand that CEOs and other executives wear many hats. They’re managers and leaders, they’re firefighters, and they dig into the details while remaining focused on the big picture. They have to know when to delegate and when to do it themselves. As a leader, you need to understand what’s happening in the market overall, as well as what’s happening with a particular product.

Building a great company is an intense challenge, often frustrating and even painful, and we have admiration for those who rise to the challenge to do it well. That’s why our focus is to profile how to best overcome all these challenges and feature the real-world stories from the trenches of how they make it happen.


We make stuff happen.

Marta Z.

Marta prides herself on her ability to balance the fine line between “being just nice enough” so she’s well-liked and “just pushy enough” so that The Job Gets Done!

Mora F.

Mora loves understanding people and companies, and views Luminary Chiefs as an exercise in psychologically understanding how the best leaders operate.

Marina S.

Marina’s love of theater knows no bounds. She performs in various languages, various genres, and sometimes suspects that existence itself is merely a performance.

Porter S.

Porter not only has a great name, but his friendly face, love of people, enjoyment of writing, and wonderful interest in creating fake maps makes him an essential part of Team Luminary.

Morgan F.

Morgan is the sort of guy that says, “Okay, so the right target market for this is Brazil, so I’m now going to go learn Portuguese and move to São Paulo for as long as it takes to make it happen.”

Emma S.

Emma is an up-and-coming luminary herself. While still a student at the University of Pennsylvania, she founded Rhizome and is a Project Manager with Hellbent.

Hannah P.

Since long before her days at Cornell, Hannah’s passion for software development has known no bounds. Don’t let her quiet demeanor mislead you; she’s always one step ahead.