There are three tiers of published articles:

Tier #1: Free Tier
  • Article not in the “Featured articles” section
  • 650 word limit
  • No backlinks to client’s site
  • One photo, featured at the top of the article
  • Client copy-edits own article
  • Guarantee to be online for at least 12 months
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Tier #2: Premium Tier
  • A “Featured” profile
  • No word limit
  • Up to 2 links to your site, and 1 link to a different site. All links are SEO-friendly, on the keywords of your choice.
  • Three photos (Two extra photos, in addition to the top featured photo)
  • Article in the “Featured articles” section
  • Luminary Chiefs copy-edits the article as well
  • Guaranteed to be online forever (or as long as we’re alive!)
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Tier #3: Diamond Tier
  • Same as Tier 2, with one difference: based on the questions we agreed to, we’ll do a voice interview. Then Luminary Chiefs will have our lead writer (who wrote various best-selling books published by Penguin) lead a 45 minute voice interview with the interviewee–based broadly on the questions, although, as a real-life conversation, it could go into other directions, improvised by both. This interview will be recorded and transcribed for internal, private reviewing. Luminary Chiefs will then take the interview text, clean it up–including rewriting and editing various parts to make the text flow smoothly, and send it back to the client to review and confirm.

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