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Santa Cruz Software CEO, Mark Hilton

Mark Hilton and his team realized they could put together something that was truly unique to the marketplace that was based 100% on Adobe technology and that resided in the cloud. They figured if they could build a product that empowered designers to solve the problem of maintaining brand compliance while simultaneously equipping the sales and marketing people with tools to edit their own materials using a web browser, then they would be onto something.

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Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly

Biofriendly began in 1999 as the passion project of the Carroll Brothers, three Australian inventors and businessmen, who sealed their place as environmentalists when they invented the Vortoil Oil/Water Separator, which helped to protect countless marine species affected by contamination from offshore oil platforms.

2023-09-04T06:51:07-04:00September 4th, 2023|Comments Off on Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly
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