4 minutes

President and CEO of AESC, Karen Greenbaum

Being true trusted advisors when it comes to top talent in leadership.  I think that’s what our clients are looking for.  In that spirit clients are also looking at digital transformation and I think technology is a critical business opportunity for us.

9 minutes

Tom Aitchison, CEO at Swrve

SaaS has evolved from a technology delivery option to the most powerful platform for a lasting value-based relationship with customers.

6 minutes

Outreach CEO and Co-Founder: Manny Medina

My job is to make our customers successful by hiring the best talent around and uniting them to further our mission. Some days, that means diving into strategy with my product team; other days, it means digging into the pipeline with my sales leaders.

5 minutes

Founder of RocketBaby, Alexander Jovanovic

Before RocketBaby, Alexander worked as business developer and investment manager in the renewable energy industry at Sineco Energy and Sineco Holding, an Italian group active in the environment and renewable-energy sectors, with its own production units and R&D centers.

7 minutes

AceUp Co-founder and CEO: Will Foussier

Together with Pat Shreckengast (Co-founder), we began the journey of shaping AceUp into the scalable and measurable coaching platform it is today.

5 minutes

CEO of Agritask, Ofir Ardon

As a result, our platform significantly upgrades the ability of decision-makers across the agro-ecosystem to collect, access, and make real use of data. This leads to sustainable improvement in agricultural productivity, better risk management, and higher food and environmental safety.

5 minutes

Baby Sweets CEO: Tino Hartmann

I’m one out of 2 founders of Baby Sweets GmbH. We founded Baby Sweets in April 2016, looking back to a longer history working together with my partner Tom on several projects. I’ve studied business economics at Martin-Luther-Universität in Halle (S.) and made my degrees in early 2011. In my first 1 ½ years I’ve been working for an online marketing agency in Leipzig and got in contact with most of the online marketing channels, focusing on affiliate and search engine marketing. From 2012 on I’ve been working at KUPONA GmbH in Munich for 4 ½ years. During this time I’ve been responsible for managing hundreds of retargeting campaigns for big ecommerce companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2014 we started our Facebook community together with Tom and recognized a very fast increase in followers over the years which made us think about possibilities of making money with the community and reach we were able to generate on our posts. During this time first ideas of founding an ecommerce shop for baby fashion and accessories came up, the first business plan was written and from 2016 on we were focusing on our own “baby”.

8 minutes

Ferry Heilemann, CEO and Co-Founder of FreightHub

FreightHub, a company based in Berlin and Hamburg and one of the first digital freight forwarders. They provide improved transparency and efficiency by introducing digitization to an industry, dominated by lacking customer service and analog structures.

4 minutes

Avionos CEO, Scott Webb

As CEO of Avionos, Scott has passion for driving outcomes for Avionos, its clients, and their customers. Scott brings nearly 20 years’ experience within the integrated digital business and technology services space. On past projects, he was instrumental in driving go-to-market activities in digital platform services for clients in Retail and Consumer Goods & Services (CG&S) verticals. Scott’s experience includes delivery in digital customer, eCommerce and marketing for clients in Branded Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Financial Services.

10 minutes

Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi, SVP, Global Brands – Travel + Leisure

Today we publish an interview with internationally award-winning brand executive Renu Hanegreefs-Snehi, the Senior Vice President, Global Brands from Travel + Leisure.

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