Q. Give Us A Brief Introduction About You And Your Company

I am Anshul Sharma, the CEO and Business Head of Fluper. Introduced in 2013, Fluper is a NASSCOM, and IBM certified web & mobile app Development Company.  Our organization is known for offering peer-to-peer mobile apps across different verticals. We have a team of 500+ professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

Talking about my responsibility within the company, I am accountable for carrying the positive approach, constructing strategies to convey the best, and functioning towards business growth.

Q. Type of services your company offers (expertise areas)?

Working collaboratively as a team, the organization has added many feathers to its cap. We offer outstanding solutions to our clients from different domains. Our primary services include Android and iOS app development, Web designing, Ionic app development, UI/UX designing, Cross-platform app development, and more. Furthermore, Fluper is focusing on cutting-edge innovations like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, IoT, and Blockchain to deliver advanced solutions.

Q. Define the workflow of your company – Client entry to delivery of a service.

Once a client brings his concept or idea to us, our team starts the procedure by implementing a proven approach, as stated:

  • Step 1: Ideation

We know that a concept can be transformed into a victorious app if it solves an authentic difficulty of users. Thus, we ensure that your idea is realistic. To verify the viability of the concept, we execute abundant steps, including set up specific objectives within a limit, market research, and perform a competitors’ study.

  • Step 2: Designing 

As soon as we find out the budget, features, timeline, and target group, our experts begin functioning on the conceptualization of the app’s functionality & UI.

  • Step 3: Development

After the designing, our developers initiate developing the mobile app with the help of the Agile Scrum Methodology. Our team makes sure that the application we build is not weighty on the processors, as that will lead to users uninstalling your mobile app out of annoyance.

  • Step 4: Testing

We never pass your app without adequate rounds of testing. At Fluper, we carry out numerous tests at each iteration, including Performance Testing, Usability Testing, functional Testing, Device-Specific Testing, and more.

  • Step 5: Launch

Finally, we release your application at the right time on diverse platforms. As the launching part is crucial; hence, we focus on several aspects before rolling out it in the market.

  • Step 6: Post-Launch 

We even take care of post-launch activities like monitoring, regular updates, inspecting reviews & answering to them, analytics, social media listening, and more.

Q. What are the key challenging factors while completing a project?

There are a lot of challenges that come across while managing a particular project.  Some of them are risk management, unrealistic deadlines, goals set up, lack of responsibility, etc.  Nevertheless, we have a brilliant team, as well as appropriate management, with the correct combination of planning, calculating, and monitoring. It assists us in doing a project on budget, time, and enhanced quality and outcomes.

Q. How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies’ models?

We have dissimilar agreement models. Relying on the objectives of the project, pre-qualification business & data analysis procedure, the clients can decide a business model to finish their project productively. Earlier than beginning the development task, we instruct our clients about our process, as well as shaping them into winning projects. Our key engagement models are Fixed Price Fixed Time Model, On-Site Model, Time & Material Model, and Dedicated Team Model.

Q. What are your future goals for 2020-21?

The necessity for mobile applications is growing by leaps & bounds across the globe.  It makes me believe positive and, simultaneously, thrilled. With accessible or emerging technologies, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and more, the chances to produce will indisputably improve.

We have started executing these technologies in order to make our resolutions modern, advanced, and innovative. In fact, we are looking forward to implementing other techniques and tools, as well. We want to become a trusted partner for business owners when it comes to mobile app development.

Q. Tell us about your technical expertise and success story of any achievement.

The organization was started by 2 people in 2011. We were oblivious of the truth that we will be recognized as one of the top app development companies globally within such a short period. The work space from where we used to function wasn’t big enough. In the starting, we used to offer CRM & ERP Software Solutions. Nevertheless, with the transforming market situation, we comprehended the implication of mobile apps.

Fluper gradually becomes the foremost preference of users when it comes to mobile app development. Furthermore, we have been featured as the Best Startup of the Year 2018 by Innovate India & Ranked #1 App Developers by GoodFirms, AppFutura, and Clutch in UAE, UK, USA, & India.

Q. As per your opinion, which technology dominates in recent years? What is the key success factor in that technology?

As far as my view is concerned, IoT and AI both are revolutionary technologies. They have the power to change the business world. Each industry has a vast necessity for AI capabilities. It is being utilized in healthcare for offering personalized medicine & X-ray readings, retail for providing virtual shopping abilities, and more.

On the other hand, IoT allows devices/objects to watch, recognize, and comprehend circumstances without being reliant on human assistance. From everyday objects like kitchen appliances, thermostats, cars, — to the internet through embedded systems, everything is connected.

Q. Any suggestions or recommendations for Top Firms?

I think platforms like TopFirms are vital for B2B collaboration, which is significantly about trust, associations, and authority. You help users to turn down their study or research process easy and even allow potential customers to attain data on cutthroat cooperation partners. I just want to suggest that keep aiding organizations to improve their portfolio and giving them a technique to gain acknowledgment.

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