Expert’s Active Contribution Assesment – How an eCommerce Trend will Help Businesses for Enlarging their Foot-Print Globally

How Magneto IT Solutions has begun this Journey? What was the essential key factor to be a pioneer in eCommerce development?

Magneto started this journey back in 2009; we believe to work with passion to bring your ideas to real-life and builds creative solutions for divergent business. However, as we know that passion, dedication, and Hard-work are less satisfying unless and until the productive end results. We surmise this thing too, which ultimately gives surety that the software or solutions we delivered will not only rich in UI/UX but assuredly caters your desired business needs. Magneto firmly concludes in continuous innovation and bettering themselves by building web and mobility application which privilege people fascinating experiences with twinkles.

Magneto is a pioneer in vigorous solutions for eCommerce, Mobile development, Internet of Things application which tailored towards a client-oriented solutions and requirement needs to convey primarily. Being an Open communicator, understanding the client’s perspective, delivering their demand by cultivating real-time solutions is our foremost intention.

How do you provide direction in Magneto IT Solutions? What is your Role in Managerial activities?

As Co-Founder, I take care of the Marketing, functional, financial, developing and managerial decision which sooner or later beneficial for the development of our company. Apart from this, the partner nourishes the technological enhancement and enlargement for keeping our firm in a renowned development’s list.

What method do you follow for handling eCommerce projects Web design and development to reach up to committed timeline for your clients?

We strongly follow the Agile development methodology, We believe that every project needs to be handled differently and existing methods tailored to best suit the project requirements. To achieve the best results, we divide the tasks into small stories with the goal of delivering specific features for each new release.

What according to you is the best programming or scripting language is best for eCommerce development? Which factors do you consider that actually convince your clients for opting them?

There are different aspects comes in the consideration while choosing a framework, technology or scripting language such as clients goal, target audience, duration or plan for launching the web solutions.

We prefer different platform base on client requirement like NodeJS, Magento, Shopify, Laravel, ROR, Java for an eCommerce development, vital fact for choosing the platform which includes Flexible, Responsive, SEO friendly, Cross-browser compatibility, Secured Authorization, Scalable and Modular Architecture, Customization can

Give us a brief about your enormous achievement so far in the Industry.

In a span of more than 10 years, we got a chance to work with some renowned brands; some of them are listed such as HP, KTM, Race Chip, Amazon, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ESPN, and IBM for fostering their business needs by offering prominent cum notable solutions.

How many optimum factors do you consider for attaining client satisfaction?

Client satisfaction can be carried out by maintaining a transparent and clear project development methodology. Basically, support and work done are what the client is looking from your end. We are using Agile Methodology and conduct the work by diving the project into discrete phases and each phase into scrums. We make our clients understand about the progress of work on a regular basis, more of during these scrums if the client wanted to change anything it can be immediately completed based on their suggestion which attains the client’s satisfaction.

What factors do you recommend for successful and beneficial eCommerce business enhancement? How do you determine those mandate characteristics?

If it about eCommerce development, I would say it will depend upon the client’s vision.
What do they think about the concept, their motives to achieve in the business-line gradually?
In my experience, there are certain roadmaps and strategies that would guarantee to help the clients for accomplishing their business objectives.

Being an eCommerce consultant, I would say understanding our customers, their behavior, empathy, and gratitude is something meaningful for carried out progressive business. Based on the industry type and human tendency, if the design UI/UX along with the right marketing strategy is prepared then it will definitely help to create a strong customer database in a very short span of time. As the revenue flourishes, it will directly or indirectly propagate business expansion.

We live in an age where good design, eye-catchy theme, and conventional marketing are not enough to pull the customer on the stores. It is more about how you understand your customers.

Since 2009, I have been helping the client with various eCommerce models and throughout the time gather and cultivated a lot of research that would help the customer to generate more ROI from their eCommerce business and suggested marketing strategies worked so instantly beneficial for their client-base.

How Magneto IT Solutions developed design and strategies are co-operative for your clients in magnifying their business growth?

Definitely, it gives you better clarity while strategizing the tactics. Ecommerce design or web pages generally depends on the required set of features and targeted audience’s instant reactions. We believe wrapping up the essential factors while delivering an end product will lead our clients to get the desired revenue for enhancing their business demand.

How your vision is considering the progressive Web Apps and Internet of Things in the eCommerce market segment?

Progressive web apps offer combinations of the feature-rich nature of the app, also wide web audience breach. According to me, implementing PWA in the eCommerce website will definitely beneficial decision as it will drive more conversation rates, deliver extraordinary browsing experience for mobile users, and USP for your business when providing INSTANT service is your primary goal.

If we appraise about the Internet of thing, IoT is a trendy buzz. IoT plays an essential role to carry retail stores or eCommerce businesses to bring their total operations productively, which sooner or later IoT manages core part of any retail or eCommerce business by taking care of Warehouse thing, SCM, and most effective consumer experience.

One of the most vital advantages of PWA is high speed, flexibility, alert-notification, and offline mode’s usability. Enacting PWA with the Internet of Things would be a serviceable choice for expanding and enlargement of your business.

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