Today, Cyber Week is hosting Startup Day, an event dedicated to showcasing Israel’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Startup Day, held at Tel Aviv University, provides entrepreneurs and innovators in the cybersecurity industry the opportunity to network with investors, CISOs and those with a thirst for creativity during an all-day exhibition featuring panel discussions with expert speakers.

Third party security management provider Panorays is one of the 23 startups taking part in the event, and Infosecurity recently spoke to CEO Matan Or-El to learn more about the company and its involvement in Cyber Week’s Startup Day.

What are you hoping to achieve from taking part in the Cyber Week Start Up Day?

Cyber Week Tel Aviv is a very large and significant event in the cybersecurity world. It attracts thousands of cybersecurity professionals from around the globe, including security teams, policy makers, distributors, integrators, innovators and investors. We’ve been selected to exhibit as one of the top innovators in cybersecurity. Being a top innovator means that we’re uniquely addressing a trending issue that companies face on a regular basis and try to solve with solutions such as ours. We’re looking forward to meeting the companies that are coming to Cyber Week to see these innovative technologies, hearing more about their third party security and privacy management processes and building relationships with these companies.

What will Panorays bring to the event?

Panorays delivers an automated third party security lifecycle management platform. Companies using Panorays dramatically shorten their third party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and those imposed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). We are delighted to show how our platform enables companies to easily view, manage and engage with the security posture of their third parties, vendors, suppliers and business partners.

How important is it for startups to take part in networking/exposure opportunities such as Cyber Week Start Up Day?

Attendance is important at many events, however, this one is particularly important because it’s focused on Israeli cybersecurity and innovation. Considering Israel’s heavy involvement in cybersecurity and technology, people attend this event in particular to see the latest in innovation.

What are Panorays’ plans/visions for the next 12 months and beyond?

From day one, we have been in the process of mapping the world’s cyber-posture. Since our launch, we’ve added tens of thousands of companies and digital assets into our platform. This is causing a snowball effect, and we are expecting to see more industry verticals being included in our platform.

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