SecurTime is India’s #1 Time attendance and workforce management product. SecurTime allows organizations to track the distributed workforce in real-time and enables the organizations to track different types of the workforce. It could be white-collared, blue-collared, and feet on the street under one platform.

SecurTime records time uses any Biometric device, Android / iOS Mobile App, and Tablet-based app. SecurTime with a multitude of modules and out-of-the-box integrations help organizations to manage their workforce efficiently. Securtime seamlessly integrates with all Payroll & HRMS solutions to ensure accurate and validated attendance data so that payroll leakages gets prevented.

SecurTime is the flagship product of SecurAX that has helped over 400,000 employees in 750 enterprises across 8 countries to maximize their productivity and enhance cost efficiencies.

In conversation with Prasanna Kotha, Co-Founder & CEO at SecurTime

How did you hit upon the idea of developing something like SecurTime?

During my years of building and leading large teams for technology majors, the one goal that remained unchanged was the need to drive a heterogeneous workforce towards a common business objective harmoniously. We were using FTEs, freelancers, contractors, consultants, field sales reps, work from home operators, and people in several other roles. 2 specific insights dawned on me. One, the prevalent technology systems of people management failed to adapt to new age workforce scenarios and preferences. Two, time-attendance was central to any solution on that front.

Yet, the existing players in the market could not solve the issues of attendance. It’s a highly fragmented yet massive market. Organizations are grappling with payroll issues when attendance, which is a primary input, is not captured right. It leads to significant payroll leakages and losses to the company.

There is no denying that the global workforce is currently undergoing an upheaval, and HR Tech providers are rising to meet the gap. SecurTime is an excellent platform for all these HR hues that enterprises face.

According to you, what is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship, to me, is a personal journey. A journey in pursuit of a solution to a problem that will positively impact the world around us. It’s an exciting roller coaster ride that requires patience, perseverance, ingenuity, and above all, honesty with oneself.

Tell us how SecurTime is different from other Workforce Management Solutions available.

Tracking distributed, contingent, and feet on the street workforces are complex.

SecurTime tracks all types of workforces. It could be white-collared, blue-collared, feet on the street across different industry verticals having FTE, contractors, Flexi staff, and more. SecurTime is a real-time cloud-based workforce management solution. It’s a plug-n-play, modular, and intuitive product.

SecurTime, with its configurability, features, and device management, is easy to implement and has SLA-based support. SecurTime’s core modules are time attendance, shift scheduling, absence management, timesheets, and costing. The product works in real-time and can integrate with any biometric device available in the market and most of the out-of-the-box Payroll/HRMS/ERPs in the world. It makes SecurTime the no.1 product in India for time attendance and workforce management.

What is the biggest challenge you came across from the inception of SecurTime to date?

We built a SaaS product 4 years ago, slightly ahead of its time in a universe where device-led biometric solutions ruled. The biggest battle we fought was getting our target audience to make a paradigm shift from traditional attendance and access control systems to a cloud-based software-centric approach. We re-oriented our sales team, customer content, channel partner network, and product content to educate, advise, and enable decision making. It was an arduous process explaining ROI and worked diligently through an under-penetrated enterprise SaaS market. We are seeing the results now.

Is there any important thing you’re working on right now? If yes, how are you making it happen?

We are currently working on some ideas which will disrupt the market in a big way. We are making sure that we address all the needs of the market from an employee time attendance perspective and building an ecosystem around attendance management. We have more than 4 lakh employees using the product on an everyday basis. We want to be a partner of choice for attendance management across industries, including the MSME segment.

Would you rather be respected or feared?

I would rather be respected for my work than feared.

How do you measure success?

Success, to me, is a happy customer who vouches for SecurTime. That gives me a sense of pride.

What helps you stay updated, interested, and inspired?

People inspire people. Listening to fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, people on the ground, technology innovators narrate their stories, and their personal journeys inspire me no end. I stay tuned through my subscriptions, news feeds, and social events to workforce trends and how organizations are coping with the challenges posed by changes in workforce dynamics. Every time there is news of breakthrough innovation, I feel inspired to offer a disruptive market proposition in a conventional HR tech industry.

If given a chance to start your career again, what would you do differently?

I would be an entrepreneur from day 1.

Would you like to give a piece of advice to the budding entrepreneurs?

Perseverance with a focussed approach is critical. Stay inch-wide mile-deep. If you can show value to consumers through your product/service, you will reap the rewards.

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